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洛杉矶朋美房地産工作室, 祝各位朋友健康快樂!阖家平安!幸福美滿!

感謝各界朋友的支持和肯定! 在南加賣房子、買房子、房地産投資,申請房屋貸款或重貸,請聯繫我們。紮根洛杉磯各大社區,竭誠爲您服務! Selling or Buying Properties? Mortgages or Home Loans? We are here to help! Call Now: 626-723-3278 or Email:;

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Standard Closing Costs

 ★Loan-Related Costs

==Loan Origination Fee

==Points (optional)

==Appraisal Fee

==Credit Report

==Interest Payment

==Escrow Account


==Property Taxes

==Transfer Taxes and Recording Fees


==Homeowners Insurance

==Flood or Quake Insurance

==Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)

==Title Insurance