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洛杉矶朋美房地産工作室, 祝各位朋友健康快樂!阖家平安!幸福美滿!

感謝各界朋友的支持和肯定! 在南加賣房子、買房子、房地産投資,申請房屋貸款或重貸,請聯繫我們。紮根洛杉磯各大社區,竭誠爲您服務! Selling or Buying Properties? Mortgages or Home Loans? We are here to help! Call Now: 626-723-3278 or Email:;

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Before submitting an offer, you will need:

  • Most current credit report showing your credit scores;
  • Pre-approval letter from your loan lender;
  • Fund proof (bank account statements);
  • Copy of the deposit check (usually amount is 3% of the purpase price);

All above are very important and need to be well prepared after making the decision to buy a home. They need to be submitted together with the contract when giving offers. Sellers usually require above documentations to decide if accepting your offer or not. Our realtors will help you to prepare all these documentations step by step in order to help you to get your dream home successfully.

If you have any questions when preparing above documentations, pleaseContact Usnow.




Why Pre-qualify?

If you are not a cash buyer, you will need to get a loan from a bank or other lenders. By getting a loan qualification, you will:

  • Know how much of a house you can afford;
  • Know how much cash you will need for the downpayment;
  • Simplify the process of pre-approval of getting loans;
  • Act fast to submit an offer when seeing the house you love, so you get time advantage comparing with other buyers

Below items may be required when pre-qualifying for a mortgage loan:

  • Credit scores and credit history;
  • Employment history;
  • Monthly income and expenses;
  • Tax return record for the most recent three years;

You will need time to do the comparison between different kinds of loans. So as soon as you make the decision to buy a real property, you are suggested to get the loan pre-qualification.


We can issue pre-approval letter for free! If you need help on getting the pre-qualification or pre-approval letter, please Contact Us.